1 2 Pistols fit. T.pain & Tay Dizim (she got it)
2 R.Kelly fit. T.Pain & T.I. (im a flirt)
3 Marcelo D2 (desabafo) 
4 Kanye west (heartlles)
5 Maryah Carey (touch my body)

1 Miami boys (fourever stand by me)
2 Lite n def (money beat)
3 New dance kreazy (just a sampler)
4 Beat dominator (bass can hear me)
5 Byron davis (down wit it)
6 Lil jazzy jay & cool supreme (b boy style)
7 Original shant`s
8 Downtown scene (out the`re but in the`re down)
9 Too short (i aint trippin)
10 Ultimate 3 mcs (what are gonna do)
11 Doc (its funk enough)
12 Mc b (its your turn)

13 Dj quick (tonite instrumental)
14 Bonga (mct)
15 Sweet g ( waiting four your love)

16 B. x9
17 Crush 2 (rebones)
18 Love bug & stansky ( you`ve gotta believe)
19 Fat boys (fat boys are back)
20 Morroco moe (task)
21 seduction ( you`re my one & only)

1 Lil Suzy (i just cant get over you)
2 Lil Suzy (promise me)
3 Lil Suzy  (falling in love)
4 Lil Suzy (memories)
5 Lil Suzy (love can`t wait)
6 Lil Suzy (take me in your arms)
7 Intonation (die in your arms)
8 Chulito (saculete freestyle mix)
9 Tony Garcia (the way she looks at me)
10 Natural Sonic fit. Sue C. (chinagril)
11 Kromozome Projects (stronger)
12 Kromozome Projects (energy)
13 Buffy (give me a reason)
14 Tony Marino (one love)
15 Niasya (now end fourever)
16 Lil Suzy (real love)
17 Tony Garcia (don`t let me go)
18 N.Y.City Beats (loneliness)
19 Collage fet. Alexia (I`ll be waiting four you)
20 Rei Summers (do you remember)
21 Paris By Air (c`mon dance with me)
22 Inoj (as we lay)
23 Joe Zangie (can you feel the love)
24 Rockell (in a dream)